Lembrei do meu xuxu @ontransience ❤️

Amei muito morar em Campo Grande. Ô povo simpático! Vou sentir saudade ❤️ (em Campo Grande - MS)

Moving to São Paulo.

Contortionist bitch. ❤️

Hang in there.🙊

Mimi, the damaged cat.


Though they may come across as way too hardcore for such a thing, even metal artists can’t resist a cuddly kitten. 

In her latest book, Metal Cats, Alexandra Crockett documents the fascinating relationships between metal musicians and their cats.

Metal Artists and Their Unlikely Friendship With Cats

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Jessie Rabideau | Cycle 19

Photo: Brian Pescador


The Call of the Wild, Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park, USA (by cdmonson).

Aerial silk class result. Art is pain.

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